Most of the writing published below was created in and around a series of weekly workshops in 2018. A few pieces were written independently before the project began. This is just a small sample of what’s on offer in the book.


Interstate – by Paul South
The autopsy occurs between friends in a chain of telephone calls.
“Mick – that’s right, hit by a car in Prahran.”
They imagine him standing on Dandenong Road, glaring into the sun. Continue reading


St Kilda PalmsOnly in St Kilda – by Marika Rothbaum
Saint Kilda was always frayed around the edges, but oh so comforting. Our neighbour Mrs Smith felt sorry for us having stuffed cabbage for dinner instead of a nice steak. Continue reading


Jackaroo in the Flinders Rangers – by Roderick Waller
There I was in Rundle Street Mall, Adelaide, at Mrs. Mac’s guesthouse. I’d been there for a year, wasting and drinking, when I saw a job ad in the Adelaide Courier. Continue reading


NZ Academy of Fine ArtsI’m So Sorry, Shirley Curley – by Andrew Bairn
Some years ago, the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts invited printmakers to submit three pieces of art for consideration in an upcoming exhibition. Continue reading


Homing Instinct – by Liz Jett
Home is freedom
Home is remote
Finding home can seem impossible… 

Continue reading


Egg on a roadThe Road – by Bob Love
The 1950s bitumen popped and crackled in the savage heat. Mirages swirling, magpies staggering in the brown and dusty grass. No worms today. Continue reading


A Place to Call Home – by Jody Letts
A warm bed
    that I don’t want to leave in the morning.
A bathroom… 

Continue reading


KeyThe Key – by Patrick McAnelly
The sea was just visible between the pine trees and the high rise. The blue was so blue, it could just sit still and be a blue block if it so chose. Continue reading


Pink UmbrellaOne Sunday Evening at Peanut Farm – by Sue Tan
I took my friend Ray to Peanut Farm in Saint Kilda one Sunday evening.The sky was blue as we caught the 96 tram to the Luna park stop.  Continue reading


Moreland BirdThings to Do in Moreland – by Paul South
Buy umbrella from thrift shop.
Buy backpack from thrift shop.
Pick up dead pigeon… Continue reading


Surf beachVisiting a Friend at Surf Beach – by Helen
The night before, I caught the bus from Adelaide to Canberra. I spent the night in Canberra, as the bus to Surf Beach left early the next morning.  Continue reading


Mele Bay WaveMele Bay Wave, Vanuatu – by Roderick Waller
It must have been fourteen metres high, its crest folding in on itself, like galloping seahorses … Continue reading


The cubbyThe Cubby (A.K.A…) – by Bob Love
The kitchen smelt of burned dinner    I saw the look in my guardian aunt’s eyes and the spittle on her lips     out of her mind time rare but epic …  Continue reading


Dirty Old Fitzroy – by Andrew Bairn
I lived above a florist on Smith Street for over 15 years. The rent was very reasonable.
It was a small, bright, open studio apartment … Continue reading


Check-mateCheck Mate – by Bob Love
As the new mayor of our GREAT CITY, I am here to announce a BOLD NEW INITIATIVE. One that will MAKE THIS CITY GREAT AGAIN – yes, GREAT AGAIN! Continue reading


The TunnelThe Tunnel – by Roderick Waller
He had fallen over in the tunnel, his nerves tremulous, his hands wobbly. His ailing heart thumping … Continue reading


Boat on riverCountryside to City: Childhood Memories of Borneo – by Sue Tan
Modernisation and urbanisation have changed our natural scene to a great extent.
When I was little, I lived in the countryside. My dad had bought …  Continue reading


Black dogYorkshire Winter – by Roderick Waller
Jack, good black dog
Down cow lane
And me with thick socks … Continue reading


Kapiti IslandA Island Watches Over Me – by Andrew Bairn
The smell of the ocean as I step out of the car… On the horizon stands majestic Kapiti Island. Just before sunset, perfect timing. I smile: I feel like I’m coming home.  Continue reading


El Dorado – by Roderick Waller
“Home is where you hang your hat,” my old mate Des would say. He was right, but I was tired of being a gypsy, upping goods and chattels on a whim … Continue reading


Hand and ButterflyThere is Still Hope – by Sue Tan
The community cafe is full of different homeless people.
They come here for free food and free drinks
 and free sleeping from 11pm to 6am. Continue reading