Things to Do in Moreland – by Paul South

Buy umbrella from thrift shop.
Buy backpack from thrift shop.
Pick up dead pigeon.
Bury under the tree in Safeway car park.
Get egged by a car full of teenagers. 
Write a poem about getting egged
    by a car full of teenagers.
Eat an over-ripe banana.
Stare at old Italian men staring at you.
Tell beggar you have no money.
Get dinged by a tram.
Meet Andy and bitch about poets.
Go to Brunswick Hotel
    and watch people get drunk.
Go to falafel joint at midnight
    and pack colon.
See Sydney Rd glazed in the wet.
Punch self in head
     just to feel something.
Clod along Merri Creek.
Piss behind the willow tree.
Sniff fingers and look at the stars.


Photo by Angelo Wagan on Unsplash.

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