Homing Instinct – by Liz Jett

Home is remote
Home is freedom
Finding home can seem impossible

Home is depression, overdose
Escape from home is freedom

Home is comfort, love, protection
I have none

Home is support
No place for judgement
No place for rules
Where you can say what’s on your mind

Home is evil, sad, confusing
Punishment, violence
Bad girl

Home is lonely
A place to hide shame and destruction
   from the rest of the world

Open the door, I say
I wasn’t born to follow

People hang themselves at home
Responsibilities are at home
Tick-tock, the rhythm of life
Mental illness is at home

Hidden away from the world
Elusive glimpses of home
Then disappointed, abandoned
Strangers again
More danger

Keep looking
Keep running
I’ll find this place

The lights go on
The burden lifts
Safety is home

A fresh start
A new friend
Time to nourish
To care for the soul

Home is inside me
A sense of belonging
The key to my home:
being true to myself