A Place to Call Home – by Jody Letts

A warm bed
    that I don’t want to leave in the morning.
A bathroom
    to keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in.
The sound of family and friends
    coming through the door.
Watching a rainy day out the window
    while cosied up inside.
The relief of arriving in the driveway
    after a long day out.
Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner
    in my dressing gown.
The smell of a roast baking in the oven
    while I wait patiently.
My cat curled up by my feet
    when I’m tuck up in bed at night.
Choosing to sit down with a coffee
    inside, outside, wherever I want.
Listening to the trickle of water
    falling through the water feature.
Laying on the lush green lawn
    in the warmth of the sun.
Picking lemons from my tree
    for a fresh drink or cooking.
Sunlight coming through the kitchen window
    every morning.
The dog peeking into the bedroom
    making sure I’m safe and sound.
A pantry, fully stocked
    with one of all my favourite things.
Lazy Sundays
    the whole house filled with music.
Being wrapped in a soft blanket
    and drifting off to sleep.
A bouquet of just-picked flowers
    brightening up the room.
The smell of fresh laundry
    blowing in the breeze.
A place where I can dance
    like no-one is watching.
A place that’s so much more
    than walls, windows, doors and a roof.
Unfolding on its own terms, growing
    from a house into a home.
Where I feel free to celebrate
    make memories, laugh and cry.
A place to grow, to remember
    and to hide my secrets.
Where everything can be trusted
    and I am protected.


Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash.

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